Morehead-Rowan County Airport Mask Policy

To all patrons, tenants and the public at-large,

In consideration of the Governor’s mask mandate, as well as the recent uptick in reported COVID19 cases, face coverings (per paragraph 1 of the order) shall be required as specified in the order. We ask that you please read and understand the rules thoroughly, so as to assist us in our primary goal of protecting ourselves and the public from the spread of the disease. Secondarily, we are a publicly supported facility and can in no way risk jeopardizing our funding by allowing non-compliance within the airport grounds. We are posting “Masks Required” signs at the entrances and will, upon request, provide masks for those who may not have their own. We also ask that everyone continues to practice good hygiene and social distancing prior to, and upon entering the facility, as prescribed in our earlier postings.

Thank you all in advance for your support,

Jack and Jodi Holley

Holley Aviation

Kentucky Executive Mask Order