Aircraft Storage



All hangars are currently rented.  There is a waiting list.

Full Price: $170/month

Contact: Please contact the Airport Office: 606-780-0085

The airport has 24 modern T-Hangars for monthly and daily (as available) rental. Rental rates are set annually by the Board of Directors and are effective beginning July 1st.

The current monthly rental fee is $170. Rent is due by the 5th of the month and should be mailed to:

Morehead Rowan County Airport Board
P.O. Box 934
Morehead KY 40351

When available, the nightly rental fee is $15.00


The airport currently has 10 tie-down spots available for monthly and daily rental.

Current rental rates for single engine aircraft are:

Monthly: $25.00
Daily: $5.00 (free with gas purchase)

For availability, please contact the FBO at:   Phone: 606-780-0085

Hangar Rental Agreement 2023

Tie Down Rental Agreement-Holley Aviation

Community Hangar Rental Agreement-Holley Aviation

Half Hangar Rental Agreement 2023