New Parking Policy

New Parking Policy (PDF)

Parking Policy

(Effective January 1, 2017)


Morehead-Rowan County Airport Parking Policy

Visitor Parking: Two parking lots located outside the fence immediately behind and adjacent to the terminal building are available for short term personal vehicle parking free of charge to visitors and guests of the airport. However, parking of large trucks and trailers is prohibited in these lots.

Hangar/Tie-down Tenants and Pilots: Pilots and tenants may park personal vehicles inside the fence and will be provided with an access code for the automatic gate. Pilots/Tenants must park in areas near the terminal building or hangars in a manner that will not obstruct aircraft access to any hangar, tie-down spot, or the fuel farm. Vehicles that will be left unattended (e.g., while flying) should be parked in the tenant’s hangar or tie-down spot, or next to the terminal.

Trailer parking: Trailers used for aviation purposes (e.g., powered parachutes, gliders, etc.) or to transport supplies/equipment to the airport are allowed inside the fence to make deliveries and/or pick-ups, but must not obstruct aircraft traffic on the ramp. Overnight parking of trailers is available in the gravel parking lot adjacent to the t-hangars. The fee, payable to the Airport Manager, for parking in this lot is based upon the total length of the trailer ($1.50 per foot per month) which may be prorated by the Airport Manager for shorter durations. Pilots/Tenants desiring such parking must check in with the Airport Manager or his/her representative.

Approved by Board of Directors December 1st,  2016