Minutes, October 26, 2017

Morehead-Rowan County Airport Board

Meeting Minutes

October 26, 2017


Chairman Tim James called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM in the Terminal Building Conference Room at the Morehead-Rowan County Regional Airport. Other members present were Harry Clark, Aaron Roberts, Mike Gray, Charles Derrickson, Tom Fossett, Mike Gray, and Porter Dailey. Absent were Bruce Mattingly, Jim LeMaster, and Ron Oliver.  Guests present include: Perry Sloan – FBO; Mark Upchurch – Garver; Charles William – PHI1 Air Medical Services  Base Supervisor; Clyde A. Thomas, Rowan County Judge Executive Ex-Officio; Earl Rogers – Attorney; and Barbara Marsh – Assistant Secretary-Treasurer.

Mr. James presented the Minutes of the August  2017 Meeting.  The motion to approve the August 31, 2017 Meeting Minutes, was made by Mr. Clark, seconded by Mr. Gray, and approved unanimously.

Mr. James presented the August and September financials and July-September profit and loss statement. (Also, the depreciation reserve bank account at The Citizens Bank holds $15,001.11.)  The motion to accept the August, September, and July-September financials was made by Mr. Clark, seconded by Mr. Dailey, and approved unanimously.

Public Comment: Mr. James introduced Mr. Thomas, for whom the airport is named and who was instrumental in acquiring the property.  Mr. Thomas secured the funding, and with the help of officials in Frankfort, and especially Congressman Hal Rogers, the land was secured, and debt service was begun for the facility. Mr. Thomas was described as a visionary and great leader. The investment in the airport today is over 23 million dollars, and is an enormous asset in the economic vitality of the region. Mr. Dailey requested the help of Mr. Thomas in a project to write a history of the beginning of the airport, going back to the original Farmers location. He gladly accepted the project. Mr. Thomas accepted the thanks of all board members for his attendance,  for his community service, and leadership in establishing the new airport.

Mr. James recognized Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams appreciated the help of the airport in getting gravel in the side driveway. Mr. Clark indicated Mr. Darrell Glover, magistrate, was instrumental in contacting the county road department for assistance. Mr. Williams also appreciated the roof repair at the residence in the back bedroom. Mr. Williams reported that he was able to repair a plenum connection under the trailer which had come loose from ductwork. He thanked the airport, county road department, Mr. Glover, and said he values the friendship of the airport and all board members.


a.  FBO Activity Report. Mr. Sloan reported on fuel sales, maintenance, and Airport activity.

1.    Fuel Sales in September were 1426.44 gal. of 100LL and 2884.56 gal. of JETA fuel.

2.    Flight Instruction: Fourteen students are in Mr. Sloan’s classes, two of which graduated with three ready to go.

3.    Community Hangar Occupancy: Kevin Brown (340), Walt Woten (303) and PHI helicopter occupy the community hangar. The parts for Mr. Woten’s plane (landed with gear up) have been received.

4.    Segmented Circle: After pressure washing, the circle is a bright white color concrete. Mr. Upchurch will check with Mr. Joe Carter for the color and type of paint for the circle.

6.    FAA Fly Over: After the new REILs were installed, the FAA did their required fly over which was prepaid ($6,230.08). An amount will be reimbursed after actual cost is determined).

7.    Electrical: Mr. Rick Davis will give us a quote on electrical repairs needed including transformer replacement, wind sock, all airport signs, etc.

8.    Bulb Replacement: Mr. Oliver and wife replaced every single bulb which was out on the runways. None of the bulbs that Mr. Holbrook installed were out (Westinghouse).

9.     Beacon: Mr. Ashley Kidd will replace a green light bulb no later than 3pm Saturday.

10.  T-Hangar Occupancy: All hangars are leased.

11.  AOPA Seminar Scheduled: Mr. Graham Long called to schedule the AOPA Safety Seminar April 3, 2018 from 7-9pm.

12.  Mowing: Will mow all grass areas near terminal building tomorrow.


b.  Garver Report. Mr. Upchurch, PE

State Project – Runway End Identifier Light (REIL) System Replacement Project

State Project – Fuel Farm Rehabilitation Project

Federal Project – Apron Reconstruction and Drainage Improvement Project


1. Runway End Identifier Light (REIL) System Replacement Project

a.    The REIL project was completed by TEM during the week of October 16. The FAA

performed their flight check on Tuesday evening (10-24-17). The visual indicated

everything was OK. A punch list was prepared. Some soil was disturbed during the

installation so a bag of seed will be sprinkled on some areas. A final pay request and

Garver invoice will be prepared soon (Update: Packet and Pay Request submitted to

Board on 11-1-17).

b.  The Board prepaid for the flight check ($6,230.08). Now that the flight check is complete,

the FAA will send the Board the ACTUAL invoice amount. If less than $6,230.08, then the

FAA will reimburse the Airport Board the amount for the flight check. At that time, the

Board will seek reimbursement from the STATE grant.


2. Apron Reconstruction and Drainage Improvement Project (Trench Drain).

a.   The bulk of the project has been pushed back until spring due to the Contractor submitting

an approved concrete mix design during the fall construction season. Another mix was

submitted and sent in last week. The time frame is 28 days to determine if the concrete

mix is approved. The Wells Group is the supplier.

b.  During the KAA Annual Conference held in September, Mr. Craig Farmer approved a

             temporary fix for an emergency repair to the hump on Runway 20. This work was

performed by ASL, and will be a change order to the Apron project (covered by the State).

The work was completed during the allotted runway closure time associated with the REIL

job.  When the milling was done, it was observed that the paving was only 3” thick. A

question arose as to whether the sub-grade was installed properly. If more stone was

installed than called for, it would hold more moisture and deteriorate the runway faster.

Pending funding, a geotechnical survey will be performed to further investigate into the

issue causing the deficiencies in the runway.  Punch list items remaining: ASL needs to

throw dirt on shoulder with the help of a skidster and two men to spread to complete the



3. Fuel Farm Rehabilitation Project.  There is no change from the last board meeting. The

issue has been identified by the state but has yet to be funded. The state may lump in with

all other airports or approve individually.


4. Tie Down Layout Update. Several tie down layout designs were offered. One area for the

10 additional tie downs was between the terminal building and Hangar #1. Some thought

this might interfere with traffic. A suggestion was made to place the additional spaces in the

grass. The state has promised to help on the project which is proposed for next spring. Mr.

Upchurch will work with Mr. Clark and Mr. Sloan to identify the location.


Mr. James praised the work of Garver and especially Mr. Upchurch who he said is representing

us very well and running interference for us in a number of areas. The airport board is grateful

for his professionalism and insight into our needs.


c.  Buildings and Grounds. Mr. Oliver – Chair, Dr. Derrickson, and Mr. Clark

Facility Update. Mr. Clark.

1.     MSU Hay and Organic Material Update. The season has ended and the hay will lay in the

fields during the winter.

2.    Runway and Taxiway Lighting Update. Mr. Oliver ordered all runway and taxiway lights

that required bulbs and they have been replaced.  A list of all defective lights has been made.

The lights requiring electricians due to power source defects, etc. will be reviewed by TEM

Electric.  They did not have the time to review these lights during the recent REIL Project.

In addition, the runway distance markers and the beacon are being reviewed and

corrections required will be pursued.

3.    Repair to PHI Operations Building Roof. The roof over a back bedroom was repaired at a

cost of $125 (Becknell Construction).

4.    DWMH Landscaping. Mr. Dailey reported that an estimate was obtained from Angie’s Buds

‘N Blooms for landscaping ($2,000), was accepted, and was supposed to be completed last

week, but was rained out. The scope includes leveling the yard, seeding, and fix pavers to

the parking lot.

5.     PHI Projects: Site Modifications. Mr. Dailey reported that project discussions included

construction of a concrete helipad; a walkway to road to helipad; and a shed and

electrical. PHI did not want us to move forward with these projects. They would prefer

to do the bid process themselves, and after bid award, to amortize the amount over a longer

period of time. Any work to be done would go through the Airport, they would just do the

bidding because they have certain specs which must be met. They would like to have a

temporary shed (stainless steel) installed on the property which would be set on concrete

blocks, and would have electrical installed according to code with it. Care is cautioned in the

area due to needing to trench the electrical and power to the beacon light is also

underground in this area. Our lease with PHI indicates we must give permission for any

building/modifications, etc.  Mr. Rogers indicated a memorandum of understanding needs to

be drawn up to indemnify us in case of liability. The motion to allow PHI to make

improvements on a case by case basis involving a memorandum of agreement pertaining to

rights and responsibilities was made by Dr. Fossett, seconded by Dr. Derrickson, and

approved unanimously.

6.     Other.

a. Mr. Clark reported that the plow truck (1993 International) has been repaired, but the

    truck needs to be run with weight in it, serviced, and the tires aired. The cost of the right

    rear repair included brake rotor, etc $225 parts, $25 tire repair, and $225 for labor (Mr.

    Mark Esham). The blow back curtain needs to be  removed.

b. The driveway to the PHI Operations Building has new gravel. Thank you to Darrell Glover,

    magistrate, and the Rowan County Road Department.

c. Flags. The lanyard on one flagpole has been pulled off and a rope is needed. Mr. Sloan

    reported that an American flag has been purchased, but a replacement Kentucky flag is

    needed. Mr. Clark will order the flags (5×3’) and order enough that replacements are on

    hand,  rope and snaps.

d. Fleming Mason Energy Rebate.  A check was received for $792 as a rebate on the recent 10

    unit LED light fixture replacement on the exterior of T- hangar A.

e. General Aviation Board Member of the Year. Mr. Clark congratulated Mr. James on

    being named Kentucky Aviation Association General Aviation Board Member of the Year.

    The honor was bestowed on Mr. James at the KAA Annual Conference on September 29.

    Mr. James was nominated by Morehead Mayor Jim Tom Trent.


d. Legal Report. Mr. Rogers

1. Hangar Rent Delinquency. Mr. Rogers

a.  John Nolen, Delinquency $891. Mr. Rogers will email the Nolens and give them notice of

eviction.  A suit will be filed later for rent owed. The motion to terminate the lease and evict

including suing for back rent was made by Mr. Clark, seconded by Mr. Dailey, and approved


b. Kim Bozarth, Delinquency $187. Dr. Mattingly previously indicated that Ms. Bozarth said she would keep her payments up-to-date and “on-time” during                the last delinquency. Her payment was not received by the 5th of the October. The motion to start eviction and collection of past due rents was made by                  Mr.    Roberts, seconded by Dr. Fossett, and approved unanimously.

c.  (Post Meeting – Kevin Mays, Ongoing Delinquency $1,664 includes attorney/filing fee of

$361.46. If assets can be determined, a lien will be filed/attached.)


e. Communications and Security. Mr. Roberts

1. Update on Lock Replacement. The locks will be bought after the signs are in place. A previous

estimate was under $100.

2. Update on Signage. The sign vendor Commercial Signs, Farmers, KY, was contacted and the signs was ordered. The installation will be by zip ties/other                  more secure binding on the gates.  A large sign will also be attached to the back of the            terminal building.


f.  Chair Report: Mr. James

1. KAA Conference Overview. The annual conference was held September 27-29 at the

Lexington Hilton Hotel. Mr. Clark reported that we had a large presence at the Kentucky

Aviation Association’s meeting with 50% of our board represented: Mr. Roberts, Mr. Oliver,

Mr. Clark, Dr. Mattingly, and Mr. James, and our FBO, Mr. Sloan.




a. PHI Projects: Site Modification Approval. Please see Buildings & Grounds (item c.5.)



The meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.